Food Safety

Here at Watsonia Farms, food safety is our #1 priority. We have been committed to providing the safest and best quality produce for our consumers and will continue to adhere to any future food safety regulations. 

Effective food safety practices, policies and procedures are all essential to protect the health and safety of our consumers. They are also critical to assure the safety and quality of their foods entering the marketplace are able to adapt to the appropriate food industry requirements. Consumers today are taking a unique interest in the origin of their foods; from how it's prepared, to the farm where the ingredients are grown. Our well-trained staff is committed to developing and maintaining the farms' food safety program. Our farm is made up of multiple components to ensure that the end product is safe for consumption: Crop Inputs, Ranch, Harvest, Traceability and Facility. Continue below to learn about our methods. 


The field where the product is grown is a very important factor. The farm is required to maintain the growing area in such a way to avoid the risk of any potential food safety issues, such as flooding and pest control.


All products are harvested in a manner which is intended to prevent contamination and protect the produce from being degraded in any way. 


When our fruits and vegetables are harvested, they are labeled with vital information which is logged for tracking purposes. This information includes the commodity, variety, field, and date that the product was harvested. This allows us to be able to retain the most pertinent details of the produce we harvest everyday.


After the product is harvested, it is brought to the facility where it is sanitized, graded and packaged to be shipped to the customers. It is mandatory for facilities to have preventive control measures in place to ensure that the product is safely prepared to protect the consumer from any possible food safety related issues.