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Our Produce

Harvesting Now 

Organic Zucchini Squash

May to Mid-November

Organic Green & Red Kale

All year round

Organic Cabbage

Harvest: April-May & October to February

Organic Sweet Corn

Harvest : Mid-June - July & October

Harvesting Now !

Organic Eggplant

Mid-June to October

Organic Strawberries

Mid-March to Mid-June 

Organic Plums

Mid May to September

Organic Muscadine

Mid-August to Mid-October

Harvesting Now!

Organic Yellow Squash

May to Mid-November

Harvesting Now !

Organic Grape Tomatoes

Harvest: June to November

Organic Red Cabbage

Harvest: April-May & October to February

Harvesting Now!

Organic Green Bell Peppers

Harvest: Mid-June to July & Mid-September to October

Harvesting Now !

Organic Cucumbers

Harvest: June to July & September

(updated photo coming soon)

Organic Peaches

May to September

Organic Round Tomato

October to November

Organic Asparagus 

Harvest: Mid-March - May

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